Put a Bird on it

Love the idea of birds in your music? Here are some great tracks with a feathered inclination:


Martin Denny:

Denny is a pianist and the “father of exotica,” which has all sorts of uncomfortable 50’s-era connotations, but his niche music sets a scene like no other.


(Extra Fun: Check out jazz rebelsĀ Sex Mob‘s tribute to Denny: Sexotica)


The Meters


New Orleans funk masters The Meters should be on every essential listening list (and their legendary drummer, Zigaboo Modaliste, is a Bay Area resident these days!). If you ever wanted to get funky with a chicken – but not do the “funky chicken,” I mean come on – this is your chance.


Steve Miller Band


Who can resist Fly Like An Eagle?!? (Or 70’s music videos)