About Running The Voodoo Down:

Searching for the spirit of the sounds that move you, Running The Voodoo Down delivers stories of the musical life. Hosted in San Francisco by a working musician, the show features reflective and thoughtful interviews on the experiences and questions that drive the people who dedicate their lives to music.


About Micah Dubreuil:

After coming of age in an old farmhouse in the green mountains of Vermont, Micah doubled-down on his naturally ponderous tendencies by earning a degree in philosophy from Wesleyan University. It was here that he began his affair with radio, hosting a jazz program for the college station – WESU – which he kicked off by playing Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew from start to finish. In 2009 he quit his day job in publishing to pursue music full-time, and has been composing and performing (primarily funk and soul) ever since.  Micah lives in San Francisco and plays a variety of keyboards; he began studying piano at the age of 7 and now holds a particular affection for the Hammond organ. In Running The Voodoo Down he’s finally able to combine his love of inquiry with his passion for music.


About BAMM.FM:

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