Running The Voodoo Down – Growing Up Grooving

What’s it like to be in the family band? A look into musical families featuring Megan Keely and The Stone Foxes.

The Stone Foxes are the kick in the pants at the core of any barn-burning rock and roll band. With the Koehler brothers at the center, the band has released 3 albums and played hundreds of raucous shows.  You may also recognize their music from Sons Of Anarchy, Shameless, or one particularly catchy Jack Daniel’s commercial. Their story of growing up playing music together is touching and goes deeper than you might imagine.


Megan has a beautiful voice and contagious joy as a performer. Her songs are expertly crafted and have recently gained some notoriety, being featured on the soundtrack to The Hunger Games. In her childhood, Megan traveled the world with her dad’s psychedelic rock band, and she regularly writes, records and performs with her brother and father.



Running The Voodoo Down is a production.

Created by Micah Dubreuil
Executive Producers: Chris Hansen, Nick Hansen
Producers: Micah Dubreuil, Phil Lang
Sound and Recording Engineer: Micah Dubreuil, Jerad Paul Fox
Guests: Shannon Koehler, Spence Koehler, Megan Keely
Music provided by Megan Keely ( The Stone Foxes (