Voodoo Riffs – Lounging with Lulu

Composer Wendy Reid writes for trumpet, cello, violin, and African grey parrot? An interview about an unusual (and feathery) musical partnership.

African grey parrots are generally considered one of the most intelligent birds in the world. They can live for over 50 years, and – if taught to speak – they can carry conversations with humans.  They can sing, mimic, and speak. Actually, why hasn’t someone done this before?

Wendy Reid & Lulu

Wendy Reid & Lulu

This is the very first edition of Voodoo Riffs. Unlike the main episodes of Running The Voodoo Down, which are focused around a single question or topic of some kind, Riffs are off the cuff, no-frills interviews with fascinating musicians. Voodoo after dark, so to speak, with a drink in one hand and a microphone in the other.


Running the Voodoo Down is a BAMM.tv production.


Created by Micah Dubreuil

Executive Producers: Chris Hansen, Nick Hansen

Producer: Micah Dubreuil

Sound and Recording Engineer: Micah Dubreuil, Jerad Paul Fox

Guests: Wendy Reid, Lulu

Music: “Tree Piece 55 – Lulu Variations” provided by Wendy Reid. To hear more check out www.treepieces.net